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I spent 4 hours this morning sorting data and only got 3 days worth done! If I keep up that speed it will take me 348 hours to finish it. Thats way to many hours.


At around 8.30 pm Thursday 15 2007, 17 month old Lilo was hit by a speeding car on a residential road where there was no need to be going that fast. For the sake of saving a few seconds on the short straight road onto the estate my baby cat was forced to sacrifice her life.

I hope it was worth it to get home in time for that TV program, I hope it has enriched your life greatly, because our lives have been greatly impoverished.

Never again will she sit and watch me bake or walk into a room yell and roll over for a tickle, no more will she chase her sister round the house, burrow under a rug, pounce on falling blossom in the garden. She can not do any of these things anymore because someone had to get home a few seconds faster.
I had to watch as they put my beautiful baby cat in a furnace because someone’s foot was a bit to heavy on the accelerator. I have to live without the sweet loving presence of Lilo so someone’s dinner didn’t go cold.

Speed limits are in place in residential areas for a reason.
In the dark especially, you can not see if cats are running or children are playing until you are right on top of them at 20mph you might be able to stop, a cat can probably out run you, a child will probably only get minor injuries if hit. At 40mph no one has a chance!

Kill your speed! Is a cold dinner really worth a life, any life!

Lilo I love you and I miss you.
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Nina Kimberly The Merciless: Review

Nina Kimberly The Merciless

I'd like to recommend this pod cast novel
It is a funny, near epic fantasy adventure.

If you like sword wielding Barbarian princesses, Idiot Kings, Dragons and con-man hero’s then I think you will like this as much as I did.

This story does have occasional strong swear words and pretty regular sexual innuendo so it’s probably better for more mature listeners of 14+. I would suggest if you want your children to listen to it that you listen first to gauge whether you think it is suitable.

Christiana Ellis has created characters that are engaging and you find yourself really wanting to know what happens next.

So to hear the tale of Nina Kimberly, Francis, William, Tiernan and all the others head over to :

8.5/10 a treat for your commute.

Hot Fuzz

We have just been to see Hot Fuzz!

It was wonderful I loved nearly every minute of it.
I say nearly because some bits were splatterific cartoonish gore-fests, so therefore not exactly loveable :-)

I recommend it to anyone who loved Shaun of the dead, people who like shoot-em-up video games, and people who are not too squeamish (it really does splatter in a few places).

I Laughed almost all the way through it. I would suggest if you are the sort of person who likes to sit quietly in the cinema and listen intently to the film with no noise around you other than the film then it would be best to see this when it comes out on video. For the first time in ages I was in the cinema with an audience who was actively enjoying the film (for once I wasn’t the loudest one there :-) ).

A Brilliant action comedy film, not a parody but something completely different. A total satire on the chaos of American cop films.

I give it a 9.5 out of 10

If you only see one Brit cop action comedy flick this year make it this one.

Epic Movie

We have just been to see Epic Movie at the Cineworld in Cambridge.

I laughed quite a bit but it wasn’t fall off your chair, belly laugh funny, but if you like scary movie type humour this is probably for you.

The film is set as a parody of epic movies but most of the movies taken off by it are not really epic. I certainly don't count Borat or Charlie and the chocolate factory as epic and as spectacular as Snakes on a plane was, it really wasn’t an epic film.

I think Block Buster might have been a better title as the majority of the films spoofed were those that made big splash in the press and box office.
Of course an even better title might have been MTV the Movie as it seemed that more MTV shows and styles were spoofed than films.

If you do decide to see this film some of the funniest bits are during the end titles which are definitely of epic proportions, so stay till they turn on the lights as the titles seem to finish a couple of times only to start up again.

Could do better but could have been a lot worse.
Fun if you like that sort of thing.
Not a film to take your brain to except for spotting the parodies.

6.5 out of 10